CFACSCheckFree Financial and Compliance Solutions
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CheckFree ACH Solutions provides software and services that are used to process more than two-thirds of the nation's nine billion Automated Clearing House payments, while CFACS provides reconciliation and compliance software and services to more than 500 organizations in the banking, brokerage, utility, retail, insurance and credit card industries, among others.
Verification of SWIFT and other messaging protocols - Baseline compatibility and the metadata integration of partner applications with CheckFree TradeFlow TPM and CheckFree MessageBroker - Co-marketing incentives such as trade show visibility as a CFACS partner and a CSTP programme emblem for marketing purposes - Access to CheckFree's expert technical support, ongoing maintenance and the assistance of a professional services team that is able to analyse the impact of system upgrades, improvements or new features, and apply integration expertise as a SWIFTReady Gold market leader
UBS Global Asset Management has one of the most comprehensive and sophisticated buy-side operations in the world," says Mark Zill, senior vice president and managing director of CFACS.