CFAFCommunauté Financière Africaine Franc (Frech: African Financial Community Franc; currency)
CFAFConsumer Federation of America Foundation (est. 1968)
CFAFCystic Fibrosis Awareness Foundation (est. 2004; New Jersey)
CFAFCare for All Foundation
CFAFClients' Financial Assistance Fund
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1/) Banks with assets greater than CFAF 100 billion.
Area tax rates (in rural areas) between 500 CFAF and 2000 CFAF per hectare according to the type of land use.
The CFAF report argues that the benefit to Australia from being a federation is already 10 per cent; and that this could be raised significantly by further decentralising our taxation system.
26) A procedures manual and contract prototypes were developed and agreed by the borrower and IDA, providing for IDA review of contracts larger than CFAF 30 million (about US$60,000) before signature.
Inspired by this effort, the CFAF formed an America Saves Advisory Committee to begin organizing similar efforts throughout the country.
Anyone can have a dance organised for 50,000 CFAF (around 50 [pounds sterling]).
3 million CFAF in 1987, but if such schools were filled to capacity, the cost would drop to just below 2.
Kintera is experienced in supporting both national and regional campaigns for the myriad of clients using CFAF and Friends Asking Friends Kintera Thon for their events.
The pace of fiscal consolidation is programmed to slow down slightly in 2018 reaching a deficit of CFAF 367 billion (3.
Going forward, the publication of quarterly reports on the amount and composition of arrears, and cost-benefit analysis of public investment projects that exceed CFAF 20bn will be crucial steps in this direction.
Germany invest some 70 million Euros or 46 billion CFAF in Benin for the period 2014-2016, official sources told PANA here Saturday.