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CFAGContemporary Fine Art Gallery
CFAGCenter For Active Generations
CFAGcystic fibrosis-associated antigen
CFAGCathedral Forest Action Group
CFAGChina First Automobile Group
CFAGConstantin Film AG
CFAGConstitutional Fiscal Autonomy Group (Philippines)
CFAGCaribbean Fisheries Agenda on Globalization
CFAGContext-Free Array Grammar
CFAGCanadian Federation of Agriculture
CFAGConsumer and Family Advisory Group
CFAGCockermouth Flood Action Group (UK)
CFAGCirculars of the Fiscal Autonomy Group (Philippines)
CFAGCenter for Functional Animal Genomics (Michigan State University)
CFAGChildren and Families Advisory Group (UK)
CFAGChallenges Facing Aging (course)
CFAGClackmannanshire Flood Appraisal Group (Scotland, UK)
CFAGCalifornia Fine Arts Gallery
CFAGCertification on the Final Action on Grievance
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31] have introduced several new models such as the Component Function Access Graph (CFAG), the Dynamic CFAG (DCFAG), the Function Dependency Graph (FDG) and the Data-and-Function Dependency Graph (DFDG) to represent component API-based information at the system level.