CFCCCensus Feature Class Code
CFCCCenter for Families, Children & the Courts
CFCCContinuous Fiber Ceramic Composite
CFCCCouncil for Clinical Certification
CFCCCoupling Facility Control Code (IBM)
CFCCCentral Florida Chess Club
CFCCCalorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter
CFCCCentral Florida Coin Club (Orlando, FL)
CFCCCommercial Fire Control Computer
CFCCCape Fear Coin Club (North Carolina)
CFCCCape Fear Corvette Club (Cape Fear, FL)
CFCCCarolina Funeral and Cremation Center (Charlotte, NC)
CFCCCape Fear Community College (Wilmington, North Carolina)
CFCCCentral Florida Community College
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In Paris the Foreign Ministry insisted that "the film in question is indeed on the program" of the event before the film reappeared on the CFCC list of entries on its website.
Instead of one machining technology instructor losing his job at CFCC, all three are now in an overload situation, teaching extra courses and answering requests for training from local manufacturers.
At the completion of this two-year project, operation of the CFCC will be self-sustaining through research and development contracts and consulting agreements.
CFCC uses an activity-based cost system and applies costs for the painting department on a part-by-part basis.
Established by the SFA with strong support from the Certification and Accreditation Administration of China (CNCA), CFCC is currently being progressively and systematically promoted within China's forestry industry," said the CAF's Dr.
Shane Oakley, a philosophy instructor who also serves as the president of the CFCC Faculty Association, received the President's Award for Outstanding Service for Faculty.
My participation in the Truancy Court Program as a CFCC Student Fellow dramatically affected my view of the legal system's impact on our communities," said Catherine Jackson, a recent graduate of the University of Baltimore School of Law.
Restricted payments are also only permitted if the pro forma CFCC ratio exceeds 2x.
China Film Group Corporation ("CFGC"), approved by the State Council, is a top-ranking large scale film cooperation which is made up of eight units consisting of the former China Motion Picture Studio, Beijing Film Studio, China Children's Film Studio, CFCC, China Film Equipment Corporation, Film Channel Program Center, Beijing Film Developing and Video Studio and Hua Yun Film & TV Laser Discs Co,.
In this regard, many countries have set up their own national systems, such as CFCC, which is tailored to local priorities and forestry situations.
Bob is a member of the CFA, TMA, CFCC, ACG and acted as an Advisory Board Member of the IFA.