CFCECentre Français du Commerce Extérieur (French: French Center of Foreign Trade)
CFCECentral Florida Cultural Endeavors
CFCEConservatives for Climate and Environment (Australian political party)
CFCECoast Federation of Classified Employees (Costa Mesa, CA)
CFCECompagnie Française de Contrôle et d'Expertise Comptables (French business accounting company)
CFCECalifornia Foundation for Commerce and Education
CFCECertified Forensic Computer Examiner
CFCECertified Fibre Characterisation Engineer (UK)
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The CFCE requires that a defendant engage in a "series of violations" of enumerated federal financial crimes.
The difference is that the commissioners of IFETEL and the CFCE are appointed for nine years, while the SCJN justices serve for a single term of 15 years.
One such example is mandatory minimum sentences, which have been imposed by legislative fiat in prosecutions of so-called financial kingpins under CFCE.
The staff - and their dependents - from the CFCE whose retirement occurred before 1 March 2006 (2 levels of cover available)
While the CFCE accepts domestic census data suggesting that there are just over 12,000 paint stores in Mexico, it points out that there are "potentially 60,000 points of sale," should a powerful contender seek to build out a network.
Every member of the CCF team has now obtained CFCE certification.
Palacios has said the CFCE is open to a modified deal.
Business leaders insist schools must provide well-qualified workers but believe that is not currently happening, especially in high schools," said Loren Kaye, CFCE President.
He also serves on the Board of the CFCE (French Council for Foreign Trade).
The entire lab staff is CFCE certified with several personal certifications including EnCE, ACE and Blackbag certification.
Analysis of CFCE and Customs statistics show that French imports of frozen vegetables were up across the board, with peas, beans, spinach and peppers accounting for the most significant purchases.
James Cornell, CFCE, CISSP, CEECS, CTT+ and featured author of The Best Damn CyberCrime and Digital Forensics Book Period agrees that legally defensible online evidence is the key to successful prosecution of cyber criminals.