CFCFCurran-Fromhold Correctional Facility (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
CFCFCigar Family Charitable Foundation (Tampa, Florida)
CFCFCanada's First, Canada's Finest (TV station)
CFCFCenter for Consumer Freedom (Washington, DC)
CFCFCongress for Cultural Freedom (advocacy group; est. 1950)
CFCFChildren's Food and Care Fund
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Facilities has held the contract for facility maintenance at CFCF and RCF since 1995 and 2004 respectively.
The BBC licenses private broadcasters to compete with the CBC/SRC: Tele-Metropole and CFCF in Montreal; CFTO in Toronto; and BCTV in Vancouver.
Astral Broadcasting Group, Rogers Cablesystems, JLL Broadcast Group, and CFCF Inc.
Prior to joining CNN, Nelson was a correspondent for several Canadian television and radio outlets, including Canada's CTV Television Network, Standard Broadcast News and Montreal's CFCF television.
Au Quebec, en anglais, avec CFCF, quelques emissions religieuses, de confession protestante, souvent relayees depuis les Etats-Unis, sont diffusees Le dimanche.
CFCF serves as a 24-hour intake center for all adult males sent to prison in Philadelphia.
Of these breakthroughs, CFCF Founder and metastatic carcinoid cancer survivor Nancy Lindholm says, "This research finding represents a monumental leap forward in understanding the underlying mechanism of neuroendocrine cancer.
CHAN - Vancouver (operating as BCTV); - CHEK - Victoria; - CHBC - Kelowna; - CITV - Edmonton (operating as ITV); - CICT - Calgary (operating as Calgary 7); - CISA - Lethbridge; - RDTV - Red Deer; - CHCH - Hamilton (operating as ONTV); - CFCF - Montreal; - CTEQ - Montreal; - Western Broadcast Sales; - ROBTv; - Television Quatre Saisons; - Applications filed with the CRTC to operate certain regional
Nancy founded CFCF for patients and their loved ones in order to fund, support and enable scientists and researchers to discover a cure for carcinoid and related neuroendocrine cancers.
Skip has vast experience in television sales and promotions, having spent more than 15 years as the top producer for CFCF TV, one of the largest affiliates of Canada's CTV network.
In July 1995, as a result of these resolutions, Philadelphia issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) to outsource the operations maintenance and support services (OM&S) functions for CFCF.
through its wholly-owned subsidiary IC television, is pleased to announce the launch of the TV Miles concept in Canada during the Fall Launch of CFCF TV12's programming.