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CFCSCoupling Force Control System
CFCSCenter for Career Services (Susquehanna College; Pennsylvania)
CFCSCollege of Family and Consumer Sciences
CFCSChild, Family and Community Sciences (University of Central Florida)
CFCSCertified in Family and Consumer Science (formerly Certified Home Economist)
CFCSCaribbean Foods Crop Society
CFCSCombat Fire Control System
CFCSClient Flow Control Scheme
CFCSCoalition for Common Sense (Louisiana)
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An indictment in San Diego is that district's 10th case involving the apparent smuggling of CFCs across the Mexican border, and a case filed in Houston was one of several similar prosecutions.
Not only has the Russian government taken little action to limit overproduction by these plants, Brack says, but the hard currency available for CFCs on the black market poses "a major temptation in an economy undergoing such dramatic convulsions.
For the CFC R-12, the latest alternative is MP-39 or 134a, while for R-11, the replacement would be R-123.
After this year's production deadline, CFCs will no longer come from the major producers.
This exception for obligations that are collected within 30 days from the time incurred, however, is only available if the CFC does not hold for more than 60 days obligations that would qualify as U.
Advantages include density reductions without the use of CFCs (from 3.
Although a taxpayer generally must file a return for the tax year the change is to be effective, a CFC or Sec.
Getting new fridge recycling plants capable both of capturing the CFCs and HCFCs to a suitable standard and of scrapping the metal and other components has been the most pressing issue.
Pumping CFCs through sodium oxalate (Na2C2O4) at 290*C-kitchen broiler temperature-causes the powder to surrender two electrons to each gas molecule, the chemists posit.
Specifically, the amount allocated must equal the interest income on an amount of related CFC debt equal to either the increase in CFC debt or the increase in U.
Although the rules relating to distributions by CFCs under section 355 are complicated, the essential policy consideration is simple: U.
manufacturers of aerosols removed CFCs voluntarily in response to environmental concerns over the link between CFCs and the depletion of the Earth's protective ozone layer.