CFCSTCotabato Foundation College of Science and Technology (Philippines)
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Sultan, who is also a Cotabato provincial councilor, said that while Molao will be on study leave, he will continue to receive his monthly salary and other benefits as CFCST president.
Ortiz said there were also reports from Arakan residents about the alleged use of the CFCST campus as distribution point for shabu that peddlers sell to different barangays in the municipality.
Ortiz told reporters they raided the CFCST campus on Monday due to persistent reports reaching PDEA's central office purporting that there is large-scale drug trafficking activity going on in the school.
The CFCST has long been subject of stories purporting that it is being used as distribution point for shabu, peddled in different barangays in Arakan by traffickers.
Zaynudin Adam, CFCST vice-president, said there is no reason to suspend classes, emphasizing that they consider these violent incidents, including arson and grenade explosion, "isolated cases.
On Sunday, a fragmentation grenade went off, several minutes after firemen, disaster management personnel of the Arakan municipal government, and security officers of the CFCST, responded to a fire that engulfed a bunkhouse inside the campus.
The blast site was just several feet away from the cottage where the CFCST president and his family are billeted.
Danny Peralta, provincial police director, to look into series of violence committed inside CFCST campus.
Investigators have yet to determine the identity and the motive of the one behind this latest explosion at the CFCST which came four months after a powerful explosion took place also inside the campus.