CFCUCentral Finance and Contracts Unit (Turkey)
CFCUChetco Federal Credit Union (Southern Oregon & Northern California)
CFCUCatholic Federal Credit Union (Saginaw, MI)
CFCUCorning Federal Credit Union (Corning, NY)
CFCUCreighton Federal Credit Union (Omaha, NE)
CFCUCaring for Country Unit (Australia)
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The material which passed through the dewatering screen on the M4500 enters the sump and is pumped to the CFCU 70 integrated on the EvoWash B40 sand plant.
It's estimated that annual skater and spectator traffic will exceed 150,000 by 2015, according to a Cornerstone CFCU statement.
For example, the Reg D counter is a simple, yet effective tool to inform CFCU members of how many transfers they have remaining until the end of the month.
The simple act of removing hats, hoods, and sunglasses in the credit union will not only help deter would-be robbers, it makes it much easier to identify and capture anyone that chooses to perpetrate fraud," said Donna Beringer, CFCU president.
With FICS' solutions in place, CFCU has effectively increased its ability to manage loan volume without having to add additional staff, according to Dawn Gibbs, president and chief executive officer of FICS.
A CFCU spokesman said: "The managers know the rules.
The 11-week CFCU is designed to prepare a captain for company command.
But CFCU isn't the only institution set to institute this policy.
As reliance on PCs continues to diminish, CFCU sees tremendous value in being able to provide 100% of our member base the ability to conduct their banking via mobile without requiring them to have a computer or online banking account," saidScott Mendenhall, vice president information systems.
Thanks to credit from the $830 million CFCU Community CU of Ithaca, N.
According to credit union officials, CFCU purchased and implemented FICS' origination and servicing systems because they are Windows(R)-based, have the ability to integrate with the credit union's IntegraSys CUBE(R) enterprise system and because of FICS' ability to effectively serve as a single, "end-to-end" solution, allowing a seamless process from the origination of a loan completely through servicing.