CFDCCommunity Futures Development Corporation (Nelson, BC, Canada)
CFDCClean Fuels Development Coalition
CFDCCanadian Film Development Corporation
CFDCCompagnie Française de Distribution Cinématographique (French: French Film Distribution Company)
CFDCContinuous Flow Diffusion Chamber
CFDCCaffeine-Free Diet Coke
CFDCCommunity Futures Development Centre
CFDCCentre de la Formation et du Développement des Compétences (French: Center for Training and Skills Development)
CFDCCompact Field Data Collector
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CFDCs, LIPs, UAS and HPS local networks operate more or less under the immediate radar of elected officials, only briefly considered during program review for the purpose of metagovernor budget allocations.
Although Link and Dunning never wholly relied on the CFDC for their funding, new cultural criteria instituted in the wake of the tax-shelter collapse all but barred Cinepix from receiving further government assistance.
Dorland argues that the creation of the CFDC can be explained less as a response to the Massey Commission's call for cultural development than as an illustration of what states "do," which is to establish sovereignty over their territory.
Since 1968, the CFDC, (which is now known as Telefilm Canada), has provided funds to more than 500 Canadian films.
This particular Top 10 list, initiated by the Canadian Film Centre on the 10th anniversary of its Feature Film Project and, coincidentally, the 35th birthday of Telefilm Canada, focuses its attention on the best debut fiction features produced in this country since money first began to trickle out or CFDC.
27) A few years later Brault was able to get CFDC funding to make the film independently.
para]]"Frontier's creation of the CFDC is innovative to say the least," commented 4 Squared Organics COO Chad McCoy,"The consortium has a partnership feel and allows us to offer our expertise within projects where we already have a working relationship with the other companies and people involved.
But we got the deal with Universal and we were ready to move ahead when Michael Spencer [the first executive director of Telefilm] called me and asked if the CFDC could do my film.
The LEDC and CFDC were able to assist the company to apply for state and local incentives, complete expedited permitting, and refer them to workforce partners for training and training grants, in the end convincing ITW that Lakeland was where the company needed to expand.
But since the CFDC had no mandate for distribution or exhibition, the films were rarely shown.
On behalf of all the members of the Clean Fuels Development Coalition (CFDC), we congratulate Range Fuels as they take this significant step forward in the development of cellulosic ethanol," said Doug Durante, Executive Director of the CFDC.
Our relationship with UHS is an immeasurable asset that is crucial to the long-term success of our company and the future of the CFDC," said Jim Filkins, President of Frontier Indoor Garden Solutions,' Partnering with UHS ensures that our team remains on the cutting edge of technology and also gives the CFDC a huge advantage in the organizational and management elements involved in the development of cannabis facilities and operations.