CfERCalifornians for Electoral Reform
CFERCooperative Forest Ecosystem Research (Corvallis, OR)
CFERCampaign for the English Regions (UK)
CFERConsolidated Fund Extra Receipt (UK)
CFERCentre for Engineering Research
CFERContinuing Fifth Epochal Revelation (continuation of The Urantia Book, the Fifth Epochal Revelation)
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In the case of all of the CFER regionalisations we have derived, a commuting flow matrix was designed listing the flows between all possible SA2s, which are local areas that basically equate to suburbs and towns.
Turning now to consider the 10 regionalisations for which CFERs have been derived using the Intramax procedure, Table 4 lists the number of regions corresponding to each of the CFER aggregations.
If a CFER crossed a state/territory boundary we included the name of at least one area from each state in the CFER name to indicate this, except in the case of the ACT which in most cases was part of a CFER that included surrounding towns in NSW, where the name for the CFER is ACT and surrounds.
The first digit aligning with the state/territory the most (or all) of the CFER (or self-contained or no flows SA2) is in: NSW = 1; Victoria = 2; Queensland = 3; SA = 4; WA = 5; Tasmania = 6; NT = 7; and ACT = 8.
The second digit indicates the type of region it is: 1 = the region is an interactive CFER, formed through the Intramax procedure; 2 = the region is a single SA2 that only has an intra-zonal flow (that is, a SCLM); and 3 = indicates the region is an SA2 that had no commuting flows and as such was excluded from the analysis.
In relation to test construct definition, tasks build on previous research in the field and take a step forward, linking the Spanish university entrance exam to the CFER and creating a complete, sound, balanced test that measures up to similar exams across Europe.
Cfer is because C is for cat and Mr Tabby just looks like a Mr Tabby.
The CFER shopping list also envisages the new body being funded by a block grant from London to be spent as First Minister and his executive wishes.
George Howarth, MP for Knowsley North and Sefton East, said nothing in the CFER proposals convinced him of their argument.
Don Price, of the CFER, said: 'The Government has talked about a Green Paper on elected regional government some time in the summer of 2001, but we want a much firmer timetable for legislation.
The CFER is urging Ministers not only to clarify the legislative timetable but also to launch a national debate on the issue of English devolution.
Commenting on the finding, CFER chair George Morran put it down to a wish among existing bodies to maintain the status quo.