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CFFRConsolidated Federal Funds Report
CFFRCalifornians for Fair Redistricting (est. 2005)
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Metro Aggregate Flows Including Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid CFFR 2010 BEA CA35 BEA CA35 BEA CA35 Direct Personal Personal Percent payments transfer transfer change, and grants, receipts, receipts, 2010 to 2010 2010 2011 2011 Akron 4.
CFFR reports from 1993 to 2004 are available from http://harvester.
The CFFR is prepared annually by the United States Bureau of the Census.
The CFFR utilizes data collected from FAADS, FPDS-NG and a collection of federal agencies to track funding within a number of high-level spending categories, including retirement and disability, other direct payments, grants, procurement contracts, salaries and wages, direct loans, guaranteed or insured loans, and insurance.
We merged the Hirsch and MacPherson data on union membership percentages with CFFR data, so that each of the 45,976 subunits in the CFFR file was assigned a unionization percentage based on its location in one of the 297 MSA/state areas.
Dividends, interest, and USDA gross rental value of farm dwellings rent data; IRS income tax data on dividends, taxable interest, S Corporation distributions, and gross rents and royalties; ACS data on the aggregate value of dwellings and mobile homes; CFFR pension benefits data; SSA Social Security benefits data, Census Bureau civilian population data.
David Robison, Executive Director of CFFR, says the mailing and information campaign undertaken by Californians for Fair Redistricting was very successful reaching nearly two and a half million voters.