CFGBCanadian Forces Grievance Board
CFGBCommunity Foundation of Greater Birmingham (Alabama)
CFGBCentre de Formation du Gardien de But (French: Goalkeeper Training Center)
CFGBComité Français des Grands Barrages (French: French Committee on Large Dams; est. 1926)
CFGBCanadian Foodgrains Bank (est. 1983)
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Only CFGB, Goose Bay, with its audience of 20,000 service personnel, already enjoyed this privilege: it purchased tapes to be refilled regularly in Montreal.
The CFGB could see what officer after officer of increasing rank and responsibility had deliberately chosen not to see.
The five-year farmer-to-farmer project, which runs in Mzimba District in the north of Malawi and Dedza District in the central region, was launched in 2012 by Ekwendeni Hospital in collaboration with PWS&D, CFGB and four universities.
Johnson award for cutting edge mission, CFGB started as a Mennonite effort in the mid-70s to allow farmers to donate their grains to those without around the world.
As such, Price, a team leader in Operations at CFGB, was given a contract valued at a price just shy of $25,000 to provide expert advice and analysis for the Board in its upcoming hiring needs.
This dedication and expertise amidst a world of pain and suffering led to CFGB being named this year's E.
In the past year, PWS&D has worked in partnership with CFGB in is countries to respond to hunger and ensure food security for families.
The Presbyterian Church, through PWS&D, is a member of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, and much of the church's relief work in East Africa is carried out by CFGB.
To help improve the food situation in such areas, CFGB works with various partners in Ethiopia through Food for Work programs such as irrigation projects, livestock services, soil and water conservation, women's self-help and income generation groups, emergency relief programs, as well as HIV/AIDS awareness and family planning information.
Today, with the support of CFGB, PWS&D is supporting the SFHC program with $100,000 a year to help deal with the impact of climate change and drought in the area.
In response, PWS&D and CFGB will support 11,400 people in Kishapu district by providing maize, beans, oil and salt through our local partner, the Africa Inland Church of Tanzania.
Safi was in Canada in November speaking on behalf of CFGB and PWS&D from Alberta to Ontario; and most importantly for me, I was able to spend a day with him to renew our friendship.