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CfHConnecting for Health
CFHCowboys from Hell (referring to the band Pantera)
CFHComplement Factor H (gene)
CFHCubic Feet per Hour
CFHCall for Help (TechTV show)
CFHCarle Foundation Hospital (Urbana, IL)
CFHComplex Frequency Hopping
CFHCanadian Food for the Hungry
CFHCash-Flow Hedge
CFHCouncil on Family Health
CFHComité Français d'Hydrogéologie (French: French Committee of Hydrogeology)
CFHConsortium Français de l'Habitation (French: French Consortium of Housing)
CFHCentre de Formation Hôtelière (French: Hospitality Training Center; various locations)
CFHCustomer from Hell
CFHClub Français du Hovawart (French dog club)
CFHCertified Fuel Handler
CFHChet F Harritt School (Santee, CA)
CfHChristus für Hannover (Christ for Hannover Church)
CFHContingency Forward Headquarters
CFHConseil en Facteurs Humains (French: Council on Human Factors)
CFHCampaign for Humanity, Inc.
CFHContinu-Forms Holdings (document management company; UK)
CFHCercle Français d'Hypnose (French: French Hypnosis Circle)
CFHCommunauté des Fans de Halo (French: Fans of Halo Community; gaming)
CFHCompagnie Foncière Haussmann (French real estate company)
CFHCentre de Formations Horticoles (French: Horticultural Training Center)
CFHChristian Family Holiday (UK)
CFHChemical Fume Hood (laboratories)
CFHChristian Fellowship Hospital (India)
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Chorus and CFH have been careful in negotiating the details of the financial agreement to mitigate different forms of financial risk.
CFH provided financial assistance towards Marco's surgery, but we knew that soon he was going to receive the bill for the remaining balance, so I called to inform him.
Eric Michelsen, Commented: "CFH Markets is a unique proposition to potential business partners as there is no direct competition between CFH and their partners as CFH is not soliciting retail business but leaves this market exclusively to the partners.
Farah forecasts CFH to generate annual revenues of 15 percent to 17 percent at an initial stage "which will rise later to higher rates when real-estate markets fully rebound from the global crisis," he adds.
The news comes on the heels of a prior declaration by CFH Clearing that it has selected BNP Paribas SA as its new FX main broker.
CFH operates from a modern,automated manufacturing facility in Oxfordshire.
Caja Madrid, which has a 60% stake in CFH, said the venture handles 2,100 money transfers a month valued at $1.
Despite the new findings, the mechanism by which the CFH variant might lead to macular degeneration remains murky.
The Country Foods factory - run by the CFH group - on the town's industrial estate produces and packages frozen food for airlines, care home and shops.
To order the guide online, or for more information about the Council and its educational materials, go to the CFH Web site at http://www.
You can never predict when an emergency might arise, but you can be prepared to handle those emergencies by having ready some simple items and information," CFH president Robert G.
However, for the SME that uses information technology extensively in support of its business operations, an holistic approach must be taken and that is where CFH Systems can help.