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The CFIA generally strives for national eradication of animal diseases and thus, has not utilized regionalization for animals extensively, desiring to use it as a 'fallback' strategy only.
The proposal takes a risk-based approach, streamlines CFIA regulating activities and allows greater flexibility and less red tape for regulated parties.
Ronco Nitech[R] has been evaluated and accepted by CFIA for use in the food industry and also certified by Health Canada as a medical examination glove.
For example, consultations during this review will help inform CFIA on its future direction on local food claims.
As a result, the decisions by the EPA and CFIA will allow reduction of the typical structured farm refuge from 20 percent to 5 percent for SmartStax in the U.
The CFIA tested a total of 1,024 samples of fresh vegetables sold within the province in which they were grown.
Similarly, Canadian producers certified to Canadian organic standards by a CFIA accredited certifying body will be deemed equivalent to the NOP to meet the labeling requirements of the U.
The CFIA acted on all samples containing non-compliant levels of food colours.
New guidelines from CFIA make RONCO's ISO 22000 certification more relevant in today's food safety landscape.
On June 5, immediately after Nestle India's withdrawal of Maggi noodles from the Indian market, the CFIA had initiated a food safety investigation to test for the possible presence of lead in Maggi noodles imported into Canada.