CFIBChina Fiber Inspection Bureau (cotton standards)
CFIBCorporate Functional Integration Board
CFIBCorporate Functional Information Board
CFIBCentre de Formation Incendie de Blainville (French: Blainville Fire Training Center; Blainville, Quebec, Canada)
CFIBCanadian Federation of Independent Business (lobby)
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The reduced prices are applicable for CFIB members that see less than $500,000 in Amex transactions, and the businesses are set to experience a rate decrease of around 50%.
Indeed, the CFIB has estimated that the cost to businesses of complying with government regulations increased by more than $5 billion during that time.
Despite the supposed public fanfare surrounding the union transparency legislation, of the over 100 C-377 lobbying registrations, only 2 business organizations appear as lobbying for the bill: the CFIB and Merit Canada.
The total cost of regulation in Canada is estimated at $31 billion a year, according to the CFIB.
According to CFIB, the Saudi victim had complained that Lahireen Saibudan wrote several bad checks.
Canadian Federation of Independent Business (2010b) CFIB welcomes Ontario's early steps to tackle the $11 billion 'red tape' monster, available: http://www.
If this is the case and relationship lending is still important, it would partially explain the findings of the 2003 CFIB survey which showed the steady increase in market share for Credit Unions/Caisse populaires (what could be considered through their widespread presence the US equivalent of small banks in Canada) of SME business between 1989 and 2003 (13.
The CFIB (2005) estimate of $33 billion is limited to business compliance costs.
Internet inroads: Update of CFIB Survey on Small Business Internet Use," CFIB Research and reports, www.
In a perfect world, we'd all work two days a week and we'd all be happy," said Richard Fahey, the CFIB provincial vice president.
One CFIB investigator said: "This is a highly-organised scam with hundreds of people involved.
Firms that join the CFIB have reached a point in their development such that they are able and interested in joining this organization.