CFIICertified Flight Instructor - Instrument
CFIICertified Flight Instrument Instructor (course)
CFIICertified Fire Investigation Instructor
CFIIConsolidated Financial Investments, Inc. (Clayton, MO)
CFIICenter for Integration and Interoperability
CFIICentral Florida International Investments (Orlando, FL)
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There are a number of ways a pilot can go the total immersion route for instrument flight training--coordinating it with a local flight school or CFII, traveling to a school that offers accelerated training or contracting with a school that sends an instructor to you.
I also think CFIIs and flight schools should be eager to provide it.
Abdulrahman Alraddadi who is a Ground Instructor at SAFA completed his GACA Commercial Certificate at SAFA and is now pursuing his CFII course while working.
8GB, Magicstor's 1" HDDs feature multi industry-standard interfaces, such as CFII, USB and IDE/ATA, providing both general users and OEM/ODM manufacturers with dynamic new application opportunities.
65 requires 40 hours instrument flight time for the airplane instrument rating, only 20 of which must be dual with a CFII.
8220;If you are a CFII looking to build your business, making yourself known to local pilots is a great way to do that, and IMC Clubs provides you the perfect forum
Plus, I'd just gotten all my I's (CFI, CFII, MEI), so, of course, I was truly a great pilot.
The Knowledge Base is set up to put you in contact with a CFII anytime, 24/7.
Bill Ervin, CFII, is a retired Border Patrol Officer.