CFJConselho Federal de Jornalismo (Brazil)
CFJCentre de Formation des Journalistes (French: Training Center for Journalists)
CFJCentre de Formation Juridique (French: Legal Training Center)
CFJCalifornians for Justice
CFJCentre for Faith and Justice (Ireland)
CFJCertificat de Français Juridique (French: French Legal Certificate; law certification)
CFJCentre de Formation Judiciaire (French: Judicial Training Center; Senegal)
CFJCitizens For Justice
CFJConselho da Justiça Federal (Brazil)
CFJCitiFinancial Japan
CFJChild Fund Japan
CFJClub Flying Junior (sailboat)
CFJChiropractic Federation of Japan
CFJControl Flow Jet
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Canul KJ, Garcia PF, Osuna CFJ, Ramirez RS, Barrios GEJ (2013) Recursos geneticos de nochebuena en Mexico, colecta de germoplasma para mejoramiento genetico.
The CFJ now awaits the supreme courts decision on whether the stop-work order can continue, during the legal process the farmers can work on the land.
Total quantity or scope: According to the specifications and schedule, Slicing CFJ to replace defective rails, easing breathing zones created continitatii CFJ restoration, transportation and storage rails cf.
The CFJ expressed the hope that further steps would be taken by the secretary culture for the promotion of Pakhtun culture, especially the culture policy would be drafted and censorship board would be set up to prevent the non-cultural shows and programmes in the province.
Dobla en capital escolar a sus colegas editorialistas al poseer dos titulaciones mas prestigiosas que las de sus homologos: diplomada en Ciencias Politicas y tambien por una Escuela de Periodismo de renombre, CFJ, ademas de su capital social (hija de un medico militar).
Other items on show come from Sudley House, from the Walker Art Gallery's 19th century acquisitions, and from 20th century philanthropist CFJ Beausire.
Martin Dempsey was in Amman to inaugurate the CFJ, which is manned by 273 US officers, with a closed section, which "houses CIA personnel who control the work of US agents going in and out of Syria," and also a communications centre, where "atop the underground facility is a large surface structure accommodating the American military and civilian offices dealing with Syrian issues from Jordan," according to the Israeli debka.
The other four schools are private: CFJ Paris, ESJ of Lille, IPJ of Paris and EJT of Toulouse.
The Japanese holding company owned by US Citigroup (NYSE:C) has several subsidiaries, including wholesale investment bank Citigroup Global Markets Japan Inc and consumer-finance firm CFJ GK.
Schwenk A, Hodgeson L, Rayner CFJ, Griffin GE, Macallan DC.