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CFLCanadian Football League
CFLCompact Fluorescent Lamp
CFLComité des Finances Locales (French: Local Finance Committee)
CFLCompact Fluorescent Light/bulb
CFLCentral Federal Lands
CFLCollaborative Family Law
CFLContext Free Language
CFLChildren, Families and Learning
CFLCourant-Friedrichs-Lewy (mathematics)
CFLCalcaneofibular Ligament (physiology)
CFLCentre de Foresterie des Laurentides (French: Laurentian Forestry Center; Canada)
CFLCenter for Literacy
CFLChampions for Life
CFLCatholic Forensic League
CFLCoordinated Fire Line
CFLChrist for Life
CFLCleared Flight Level (air navigation)
CFLCoefficient de Frottement Longitudinal (French: Longitudinal Friction Coefficient; road adhesion indicator)
CFLChoppers for Life
CFLCeasefire Line
CFLChemin de Fer Luxembourgeois
CFLCalibrated Focal Length
CFLCanadian Federation of Labour
CFLClub Francais du Livre (French Book Club)
CFLSociété Nationale des Chemins de Fer Luxemburgeois (Luxembourg National Railway Company)
CFLCapacitated Facility Location
CFLContingency Planning Facilities List (US DoD)
CFLCourant-Friedrich-Levy Condition (constraint on solving FDTD equations)
CFLConsolidated Fisheries Ltd
CFLCritical Field Length
CFLChinese Federation of Labor (Taiwan)
CFLCercle Félin du Languedoc (French cat club)
CFLCentre de Formation en Langues (French: Language Training Center; various universities)
CFLConfidential Frequency List (publication)
CFLCommission on Filipino Language
CFLCommunity Foundation of the Lowcountry (also seen as CFLC)
CFLCommand File Language
CFLConsequence of Failure Level
CFLCeylon Federation of Labor
CFLCommittee for a Free Latvia
CFLChristian Family Living/Life
CFLComputer Forensics Laboratory
CFLCommittee for a Free Lithuania
CFLCustomer Final Label (UK mailing bag label)
CFLClose Focus Lens
CFLConstant Feed Lubricator
CFLCommittee on Federal Laboratories
CFLCold Flush
CFLCold Flow Laboratory
CFLCustom Function Library
CFLCaptain/Colonel for Life (military slang for someone who is unlikely to be promoted)
CFLCommission Fédérale du Logement (French: Federal Housing Commission; Switzerland)
CFLCadet Flight Leader
CFLCentral Forensic Laboratory (India)
CFLCathode Fluorescent Lamp
CFLCall Failure (Signal)
CFLCampaign for Liberty
CFLCentral Florida
CFLCalifornia Federation of Labor
CFLContinental Football League
CFLCrossing the Finish Line (various organizations)
CFLCollege Football Line (sports betting)
CFLClaim for Loss
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Warren Moon, Doug Flutie, Jeff Garcia and Cameron Wake highlight the list of CFL players who later found success in the NFL.
the CFL denied a scientifically proven link between repetitive traumatic head impacts and later-in-life cognitive brain injury including Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE);
Older people are more likely than younger people to have at least one CFL, with the highest use among the 65+ age group (at 85 percent market penetration), and the lowest use among the 18-35 age group (at 79 percent market penetration).
CFLs were one of the first no-brainer "green" methods to be widely adopted by multifamily managers.
With the demerger of the domestic retail division, CFL is completely dependent on exports for its revenues (except some job work done locally) and faces competition from low cost countries such as Bangladesh and China, with some clients migrating to low cost countries.
All content on the CFL page has been approved by the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations' Physical Readiness Program Office (N-135) in support of the Navy's Physical Readiness Program in an effort to emphasize the importance of the Navy's commitment in creating a culture of fitness.
The capsule shuts off once the CFL comes to full brightness, GE said.
In the literature, effect of temperature on the performance of CFL in terms of light output is reported [Bouwnegt.
retailer to launch a general CFL recycling program.
Over the span of 10,000 hours, a CFL can cost less than half of an incandescent bulb.
Environment officials have identified four agencies in Delhi, which can facilitate safe disposal and CFL manufacturers are now working on a pilot project to collect used lamps, especially from households.
Comparable CFL products consume 15 Watts and cost about $2.