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CFLCanadian Football League
CFLCompact Fluorescent Lamp
CFLComité des Finances Locales (French: Local Finance Committee)
CFLCompact Fluorescent Light/bulb
CFLCentral Federal Lands
CFLCollaborative Family Law
CFLContext Free Language
CFLChildren, Families and Learning
CFLCourant-Friedrichs-Lewy (mathematics)
CFLCalcaneofibular Ligament (physiology)
CFLCentre de Foresterie des Laurentides (French: Laurentian Forestry Center; Canada)
CFLCenter for Literacy
CFLChampions for Life
CFLCatholic Forensic League
CFLCoordinated Fire Line
CFLChrist for Life
CFLCleared Flight Level (air navigation)
CFLCoefficient de Frottement Longitudinal (French: Longitudinal Friction Coefficient; road adhesion indicator)
CFLChoppers for Life
CFLCeasefire Line
CFLChemin de Fer Luxembourgeois
CFLCalibrated Focal Length
CFLCanadian Federation of Labour
CFLClub Francais du Livre (French Book Club)
CFLSociété Nationale des Chemins de Fer Luxemburgeois (Luxembourg National Railway Company)
CFLCapacitated Facility Location
CFLContingency Planning Facilities List (US DoD)
CFLCourant-Friedrich-Levy Condition (constraint on solving FDTD equations)
CFLConsolidated Fisheries Ltd
CFLCritical Field Length
CFLChinese Federation of Labor (Taiwan)
CFLCercle Félin du Languedoc (French cat club)
CFLCentre de Formation en Langues (French: Language Training Center; various universities)
CFLConfidential Frequency List (publication)
CFLCommission on Filipino Language
CFLCommunity Foundation of the Lowcountry (also seen as CFLC)
CFLCommand File Language
CFLConsequence of Failure Level
CFLCeylon Federation of Labor
CFLCommittee for a Free Latvia
CFLChristian Family Living/Life
CFLComputer Forensics Laboratory
CFLCommittee for a Free Lithuania
CFLCustomer Final Label (UK mailing bag label)
CFLClose Focus Lens
CFLConstant Feed Lubricator
CFLCommittee on Federal Laboratories
CFLCold Flush
CFLCold Flow Laboratory
CFLCustom Function Library
CFLCaptain/Colonel for Life (military slang for someone who is unlikely to be promoted)
CFLCommission Fédérale du Logement (French: Federal Housing Commission; Switzerland)
CFLCadet Flight Leader
CFLCentral Forensic Laboratory (India)
CFLCathode Fluorescent Lamp
CFLCall Failure (Signal)
CFLCampaign for Liberty
CFLCentral Florida
CFLCalifornia Federation of Labor
CFLContinental Football League
CFLCrossing the Finish Line (various organizations)
CFLCollege Football Line (sports betting)
CFLClaim for Loss
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Another way is to pick a CFL is knowing that a CFL should have about 25 percent of wattage of the incandescent bulb you are replacing:
CFL lamps consume lesser electricity than normal bulbs and Delhi government has aggressively promoted its use in the last three years by offering special schemes.
We had started to replace incandescent bulbs with CFL bulbs , the incandescent bulb not only emits light but also heat.
CFL manufacturers are working hard to minimize the amount of mercury in their bulbs while simultaneously ramping up R&D on other high-efficiency bulbs that do not contain toxic elements (such as light-emitting diode bulbs and high-efficiency incandescents).
The coming ban on incandescent globes and the growing popularity of CFLs make it very important that CFLs are not thrown in the rubbish bin at the end of their life.
There are now CFL flood lights, three-way CFLs, as well as bullet shaped and torpedo shaped CFLs that didn't exist just a few years ago.
Centerprise will be taking on CFL's resellers by honouring both each customer's full warranty, and any obligations made by CFL to its customers.
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories developed a demonstration CFL torchiere that consumed 67 watts compared to the halogen unit's 270, and gave off 50 percent more light.
In the CFL game, you have only 20 seconds to get off a play.
CFL flood lamps, reflectors, dimmable bulbs, bug lights, decor globes, candelabras, and three-way bulbs are direct replacements for their incandescent counterparts.
In CFL, the process stops short of the litigation stage -- both parties and their lawyers sign a written contract confirming that none of them will go to court under any circumstances.