CFLCCCoalition Forces Land Component Command
CFLCCCombined Force Land Component Command
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The CFLCC would collate validated air-support requests and forward them to the CFACC for injection into the ATO process.
The 504th worked with individual convoy commanders, movement control units, CFLCC staff entities, and nearby British forces to prioritize, stage, and secure all coalition convoys passing through CSC Navistar and to ensure that the most combat-essential supplies were quickly moved forward.
If DLA had had visibility of all requisitions (or, for that matter, if the CFLCC shop had visibility), many of the challenges and disputes that occurred among the receiving country, the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, the services, and the harbormaster could have been avoided.
At the peak of 'the surge' we had to expand housing to 10 base camps to accommodate the large flow of forces," said CFLCC CSM John D.
The CFLCC C4 was responsible for fuel and water supply during Operation Iraqi Freedom.
The funding document went to the CFLCC Comptroller and we (ORHA Comptroller) validated requirements and approved all spending documents.
In prosecuting the War on Terrorism, Leadbeater said, CFLCC exercised command and control over land combat operations in Afghanistan and prepared for possible combat operations against Iraq.
RFID is the only tool that allows CFLCC (the Coalition Forces Land Component Command) to identify critical cargo, locate it and anticipate its arrival.
While the CFLCC claimed that it had no knowledge of the memo, troops on the ground in Baghdad have since confirmed that they had direct orders to protect the museum.
I Corps deployed its early entry command post (EECP) scaled and tailored to serve as the CFLCC, and it was during this exercise that the headquarters executed its joint task force certification.
As such, I coordinated the development of the CFLCC major operations plan COBRA II, our initial plan for the invasion, and ECLIPSE II, our sequel plan for post-hostilities operations.