CFLHDCentral Federal Lands Highway Division
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CFLHD and its partners plan to complete the overall 78-kilometer (48-mile) Saddle Road improvement by 2013, pending availability of funding.
In 2002, the Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) enlisted the help of CFLHD to pave and widen its 4.
To manage fluctuating workloads, CFLHD completed an organizational restructuring in 2004 to become a strong matrix organization (that is, based on a multifunctional team structure that draws employees from different functional disciplines for assignment to a team without removing them from their respective positions), where project managers bear primary responsibility for completing work.
These processes enable CFLHD to respond to fluctuating program levels and optimize internal and external resources to manage program delivery efficiently and effectively.
In 2007, the editors of PM Network magazine, published by the Project Management Institute, named CFLHD a top 25 organization for project management.
So the money from CFLHD was transferred back to Montana, with the agreement that Montana would return the money as soon as the State received additional emergency relief funds in the future.
Bert McCauley is a project manager with CFLHD in Lakewood, CO.
The authors would like to thank Jennifer Corwin, an environment senior technical specialist at CFLHD, for her contribution to this article.
Ultimately, CFLHD has settled on a combination of reconstruction and rehabilitation for the road.
We needed data as the snow melted but before the water rose," said Alan Blair, CFLHD survey team leader.
A team was established with representatives from ZNP, CFLHD, A/E consultants, the park concessionaire, and others.
The final cost of repairs amounted to $140,000 for NPS work and $2,706,000 for work undertaken by CFLHD.