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CFMLCold Fusion Markup Language
CFMLCazenove Fund Management Limited (finance; UK)
CFMLCensored Fast Maximum Likelihood (algorithm)
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The generator produces standard CFML templates, which can be either run as they are or manually adapted to enhance the quality of the interface.
Developers can use CFML to increase the functionality of ColdFusion Builder 2 beta, creating extensions to generate applications, insert blocks of code, and expand code assist with customized code proposals.
users of Allaire's flagship product ColdFusion may be slightly unsure of the future of the CFML language.
PanaSite Enterprise is an open-architecture server-based application that works with Internet standard document types like HTML, ASP, XML and CFML.
Developed in conjunction with IVID Communications, a San Diego-based multimedia company, the site utilizes the latest in web technologies, including Allaire's Homesite, Macromedia's Dreamweaver, Flash animation, HTML, DHTML, CFML, Java scripting, and ColdFusion.
0 was designed to reduce the complexity of developing an Internet Solution in COM or JAVA, as well as to assist the web-developer in leveraging web-technology like CFML and XML.
ColdFusion's powerful programming language, CFML, will be the primary programming environment on the site.
Programmers, with a remit for implementing the "Company" Intranet, will find that Intralink ST Pro provides a good balance between preloaded modules (solving immediate needs) and the code flexibility of CFML.
The CFX for ScreenSurfer leverages this architecture, enabling Cold Fusion developers to easily call defined ScreenSurfer transactions and incorporate any returned data into their CFML template(s).