CFMTACanadian Federation of Music Teachers' Associations
CFMTACentral Florida Music Teachers Association, Inc
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Interestingly, even those with more than four decades of experience still seek out opportunities for growth, as indicated by their attendance at the CFMTA conference.
We wish to thank the CFMTA organization for permitting us to distribute the survey through the 2013 annual conference, and all the music teachers who took part in the survey described here, as well as the anonymous reviewers who provided feedback on the paper.
For more information, visit the CFMTA website at www.
From left: MTNA President Paul Stewart, NCTM, co-chair; MTNA Executive Director Gary Ingle; CFMTA President Patricia Frehlich, co-chair; MTNA Director of Marketing and Public Relations Brian Shepard; RCM Director of Marketing Christine Sharp; RCM Examinations; Chief Examiner Emeritus Janet Lopinski; Member-at-Large Clarke Macintosh; CFMTA Immediate Past President Victoria Warwick MTNA President-elect Gail Berenson; and MTNA Immediate Past President Phyllis Pieffer.
Helen Dahlstrom, center, was recognized by CFMTA with a lifetime achievement award.
CFMTA President Patricia Frehlich and MTNA President Paul Stewart, NCTM, officially brought the conference to a close at the Gala.
It will also be the first collaborative conference for the CFMTA, and it is with great anticipation that our members look forward to what promises to be an extraordinary experience
One of my personal satisfactions from serving on the 2007 Steering Committee was the opportunity to become friends with my cohorts from the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers Association, Victoria Warwick, immediate past CFMTA president; and Patricia Frehlich, CFMTA president.
MTNA's mission to advance the value of music study and music making to society and to support the professionalism of music teachers complements the purpose of CFMTA, to promote and maintain high standards of teaching among members and to foster music excellence in students.
The program will include daily plenary sessions devoted to pedagogical diversity plus a stellar list of presenters, MTNA and CFMTA competitions, concerto performances by American and Canadian student winners with the Royal Conservatory of Music Orchestra and a guest soloist with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.
As discussions between the MTNA, CFMTA, and RCM have progressed--evaluating the viability of and reasons for a collaborative event--enthusiasm for the possibilities has grown contagiously," Clarke Macintosh, executive director of the Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations, says.