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CFRBChristian Fiction Review Blog
CFRBCanada's First Rogers Batteryless (radio station)
CFRBCitizens for Responsible Business (California)
CFRBCoupling Facility Request Block (IBM)
CFRBCommunity Forest Restoration Board
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But if the angry -- and somewhat ill-informed -- callers to CFRB are any indication of what might be on the minds of the wider public, the church has got a massive public-relations job ahead of it.
Here in Toronto I'm sure I'm not the only one who now prefers to listen to CFRB over CBC in the morning, despite the insufferable and many commercial breaks that CFRB has.
He hosts the Da Joe Show on Montreal's radio station CJAD and Toronto's CFRB.
Goodyear was also criticized by National Post columnist Colby Cosh and John Moore, a CFRB radio talkshow host (National Post, March 18, 2009).
John's, NF - "7:45 am News" (Medium Market) Charlie Edwards Award CJLS Radio, Yarmouth, NS - "Gangway Crash" -Spot News Dan McArthur Award CBC Radio Fredericton, Fredericton, NS - -In-depth/Investigative "Daddy's Church" Dave Rogers CBC Fredericton, Fredericton, NS - -Feature "The Kyoto Car Audit" Gord Sinclair Newstalk 1010 CFRB, Toronto, ON - -Live Special Events "The Papal Vigil" (Large Market) Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Yellowknife, NT - "Artic Winter Games 2002" (Small Market) Ron Laidlaw CBC Radio Saskatchewan, Regina, SK - -Continuing Coverage "Fall From Grace" News 1130, Vancouver, BC - "Pickton Murder Investigation" (Honourable Mention) Sam Ross CBC Radio Vancouver, Vancouver, BC - -Editorial "Saddam vs.
Starting December 12, 2009, Canadian Traffic Network, Global Traffic Network's Canadian subsidiary, will provide traffic reports to Astral Media's three Toronto radio stations: CFRB (News Talk 1010), EZ Rock, and Virgin.
When a young caller to radio station CFRB (John Moore Show, Jan.
5 FM, Montreal, QC - - Feature "Ironworkers: One Year Later" CBC Radio in Northwestern Ontario, Thunder Bay, ON - "Suzanne" (Honourable Mention) Gord Sinclair AM 600 CKAT, North Bay, ON - "The Nipissing By- - Special Events Election" (Small Market) Newstalk 1010 CFRB, Toronto, ON - The Papal Vigil" (Large Market) 680 News, Toronto, ON - "Jim Morris Our Friend Remembered" (Large Market) Ron Laidlaw CJAD, Montreal, QC - "Concordia Demonstration - Continuing Coverage and Moratorium" 680 News, Toronto, ON - "Talking Trash" (Honourable Mention) Sam Ross CJAD, Montreal, QC - "Relief From Cliche's" - Editorial Web site Award CBC, Montreal, QC - "Montreal Matters" (Large Market)
He hosts the Dr Joe Show on Montreal's radio station CJAD and Toronto's CFRB.
Recently, it has been my experience that pro-abortion speakers (one CFRB talk show host and one political election candidate) have boldly made this outrageous claim.
Standard Radio's long and distinguished history dates back to 1927when radio station CFRB signed on and established itself as a household word in Canadian broadcasting.