CFRPCarbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic
CFRPcarbon-fiber-reinforced polymer
CFRPCentral Florida Research Park
CFRPConceptual Framework for Reuse Processes
CFRPConsolidated Fuel Reprocessing Program
CFRPChehalis Fisheries Restoration Program (Washington State)
CFRPCuban Family Reunification Program
CFRPContinuous Fiber Reinforced Polymeric
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It is a low modulus CFRP fibre having modulus of elasticity of 240 kN/[mm.
Both cars use a CFRP body structure combined with aluminium chassis to keep weight as low as possible.
They compared with the standard section and equivalent sections with two and three layers of CFRP involving the improvements in fatigue behaviour, stiffness, and capacity.
In tandem with the CFRP market, global demand for carbon fibers in terms of volume, estimated at 45 thousand metric tons in 2012 and forecast to be 51.
As noted above, CFRP is much stronger than steel yet lighter, so car components using CFRP weigh less than their steel counterparts.
Retrofitted panels with double side vertical strips of CFRP (0/90):
The other benefit of CFRP is that the installation is comparably unobtrusive, requires less labour and a minimal system that can be installed in a much shorter time span.
For the CFRP to be used in mass-produced vehicles, the manufacturing of CFRP must fit within a cycle time of less than a minute, and the cost, energy consumption as well as CO<sub>2</sub> emissions associated with the whole process need to be reduced.
The CFRP is used for the M3 CRT's bonnet and front seats, with a weight saving of 70kg.
The passive damping of CFRP cantilever beams using resistively shunted, surface-bonded piezoelectric ceramic, PbZr[O.
Experimental tests of load-carrying capacity of reinforced concrete columns strengthened with CFRP strips and wraps have been carried out.