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CFSECertified Functional Safety Expert
CFSECarboxyfluorescein Succinimidyl Ester (cell biology)
CFSECenter for Food Safety Engineering (Purdue University)
CFSEConférence Française sur les Systèmes d'Exploitation
CFSEComité Français de Secours aux Enfants (French: French Committee for Children's Relief; est. 1919)
CFSEConsumer Federation of the Southeast
CFSEContractor Furnished Support Equipment (US Army)
CFSEComplex Focal Status Epilepticus
CFSEChannel Field Sales Engineer (Intel)
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Differences between the amounts of migrated CFSE labelled cells in GE were determined using the paired Student's t-test.
A549 cells were labeled by CFSE and seeded into the washed PMC monolayer for 12 h.
a CFSO esta relacionada significativamente a todas as outras tarefas/provas, sendo essa relacao moderada para CFSE e CFCE; e baixa para CPE e CFCO.
T-cell proliferation was detected according to CFSE mean fluorescence intensity by using flow cytometry analysis.
The ongoing study focused on evaluating the substantively generated CFSE model using confirmatory factor analysis in order to confirm the three new dimensions (Chen & Lo, 2012).
CFSE is inherited by daughter cells after cell division and each dividing cell consequently loses fluorescent intensity.
CFSE stained cells (see above) were cultured in the same way and polyclonally stimulated either by 1 [micro]g/ml anti-CD3 antibody (145.