CFSOCounterintelligence Force Protection Source Operations
CFSOCertified Facility Safety Officer
CFSOCentral Florida Symphony Orchestra
CFSOConcerned Foreign Service Officers (US State Department)
CFSOComputers for Schools Ontario (Canada)
CFSOCanadian Financial Services Ombudsman
CFSOComputer Facility Security Officer
CFSOCONUS Force Protection Source Operations
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Quando comparada a compreensao oral isoladamente, observou-se que: quanto maior a CPO, maior a CFSO e viceversa; quanto maior a CFSO, maior a CFCO e vice-versa.
Students also learn skills in CFSO, HUMINT section operations, and liaison with CI and military police (MP) assets.
After mobilization, and as training progressed, we discovered how valuable it was for the TFCICA to attend CFSO training.
However, CFSO was not established to be an all-encompassing HUMINT collection mission, but rather a collection program focused primarily on identifying collection efforts targeting U.
Branch personnel currently teach a two-hour block of instruction to the CFSO Course and Officers CI Course (35E) at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, on a recurring basis.
All of these efforts obviously require the support of available CI and HUMINT assets as they conduct CFSO (CI force-protection source operations) development.