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CFUColony Forming Unit (bacteriology)
CFUCommercial Farmers Union (Zimbabwe)
CFUCedar Falls Utilities (Iowa)
CFUCarbon Finance Unit (World Bank)
CFUCroatian Fraternal Union (Pittsburgh, PA)
CFUChampionnat de France Universitaire (French: French University Championship; various universities)
CFUCall Forward Unconditional
CFUCheck For Understanding (lesson plans)
CFUCompact Flotation Unit
CFUKerkyra, Greece - Kerkyra (Airport Code)
CFUComputer Forensics Unit
CFUCassette Feeding Unit (photocopiers)
CFUCall Forwarding Universal
CFUConvention France-UNESCO (UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization; France)
CFUCell Forming Unit
CFUControl Functional Unit
CFUCarried Forward Unserviceability (Royal Australian Air Force)
CFUCollège Français des Urologues (French: French College of Urologists)
CFUCentre Féminin Universitaire (French: University Women's Center)
CFUChemins de Fer des Uélé (French: Railways of Uélé; Congo)
CFUCustom Function Unit (computer programming)
CFUCommunion Fraternelle Universitaire (French student organization)
CFUCommission des Fournisseurs et Usagers (French: Suppliers and Users Committee; Swizerland)
CFUCrediti Formativi Universitari (Italian: University Credits)
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The recovered CFU/pin and CFU/femur were reported as mean CFU and were compared across all five groups using the ANOVA, with significance set at P < 0.
A pairwise comparison revealed that the number of CFUs was the lowest in group 3, i.
In what was clearly intended as a direct threat, the letter proclaimed that the ministry was fully aware that the CFU had already closed its doors and ceased operations, but that should the CFU resume its educational activities it would be in violation of the new law--in particular, the section legislating that the term university could be used only by institutions authorized by the state, in order to protect "students from being disappointed.
Several members of the CFU claim they were offered sums of money for "development projects" at the meeting.
The report also makes clear that the CFU did not have the finances available to make the payments to the member associations.
The CFU suggested Barbados and Trinidad as options for a different venue to Miami but it is believed FIFA will choose an island elsewhere in the Caribbean.
Mean fungal CFUs varied from 2 x 10(1) to 3 x 10(2) CFU/m3, with the relative recovery of the GSP (vs.
mutans and using the standard growth curve equation to determine the volume needed for 10,000 CFU per tube.
The total numbers of colony forming units (CFU) were counted and identified (Barrow & Feltham, 1993), and the data was expressed as the number of CFU per cubic meter of air sampled.
CFU counts before and after treatment were log transformed to normalize data and compared by using paired t tests.