CFVHSCape Fear Valley Health System (Chapel Hill, NC)
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In fact, by projecting the increase in efficiency across a one-year time span, CFVHS could potentially increase departmental revenue by more than $1 million per year.
Each success story is a building block in the overall success of the system at CFVHS.
Premier and CFVHS uncovered savings through additional contract opportunities and discrepancies between existing supply contract prices and higher invoice prices.
PCS introduced CFVHS to orthopedic construct pricing, which breaks down the components required for a specific therapeutic model.
Premier compared CFVHS's data on 13 implant constructs with blinded data from hospitals within the region as found in its pricing database These actual supply expense benchmarks gave CFVHS an objective truth that could be used to leverage vendor discussions.
Fitch expects CFVHS to continue to generate consistent operating profitability due to its dominant market position.
CFVHS covenants only to provide bondholders with annual audited financials within 210 days of fiscal year-end, which Fitch views negatively.
Fitch expects CFVHS to maintain its current financial performance in the near term due to its dominant market position and effective management team.
CFVHS is comprised of CFVMC, a 442-bed acute care hospital, Highsmith, a 133-bed acute care hospital, Southeastern Regional Rehabilitation Center, a 78-bed rehabilitation facility, and Behavioral Health Care of CFVHS, a 175-bed psychiatric hospital.