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CFWHCenter for Wound Healing, Inc. (New York)
CFWHCommittee For World Health
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Rarely was that clearer than in the decision to send popular satirist Max Ferguson of The Rawhide Show to headline a fundraiser, which generated enough money to cover costs at CFWH for more than two years.
CFYT had to purchase its own blank tapes to be filled with recordings by CFWH.
118) Shortly thereafter, Major Mumford resigned as manager at CFWH, citing his inability to balance the needs of the station with his regular duties as an ordnance officer.
Holders of shares of CFWH common stock are entitled to receive $0.
Completion of the transaction is subject to customary closing conditions, including CFWH shareholder approval, and the receipt by Sverica of financing for the transaction in accordance with financing commitments received.
The 2,500 square foot Center, which was designed, built and financed by CFWH, contains three wound treatment rooms and two hyperbaric oxygen chambers, which will be utilized by CFWH staff and PMMC physicians to heal chronic wounds, such as those caused by diabetes, the effects of radiation, complications from surgery, lymphedema, vascular disease and trauma.
Migrated from the Pink Sheets to the Bulletin Board trading under the symbol: CFWH.
HBOt delivered across the CFWH portfolio has served as a life altering treatment modality, reducing the need for amputation for 80% of those diabetic patients facing limb amputation as their only alternative," concluded Barnett.