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CFZCentre for Fortean Zoology
CFZClark Freeport Zone (Philippines)
CFZCentrum Flagi Ziemi (Polish: Center for Earth Flags; est.1978)
CFZCritical Friendly Zone (field artillery term)
CFZChabahar Free Trade-Industrial Zone (Iran)
CFZCanucks Fan Zone (Vancouver Canucks fan site)
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CFZ is located in the southeastern part of Iran and it is the only Iranian port with direct access to the ocean, making it ideal for ocean-liners to dock and being geographically significant as the entry point of various trade products to the Asian and CIS countries.
As part of the law, Panama created a new regulator, the Intendencia, to oversee compliance by 12,080 DNFBPs across 16 broad sectorial categories and the CFZ.
Only three isolates of Sappanone B (3)/CAZ combination were observed synergy, and most of the combinations with AMK, GEN and CFZ exhibited additivity or indifference (Table 3).
CFZ imports include a broad array of luxury goods, electronic products, clothing, and other consumer products, with Hong Kong the largest supplier and Colombia and Ecuador the largest destinations for CFZ exports.
Colombia views the link between customs fraud and smuggling and other criminal activities, including money laundering and drug trafficking, has been clearly established, and, in particular, in relation to the CFZ.
The definition of CFZ assumes that the spot size of a defocused star (measured by its full-width at half-maximum intensity, or FWHM) becomes no larger than the Airy disk.
coli collection culture sample AB 1621 resistance transfer was carried out for KP (100%), SAM (96%), ATM (96%), FOX (83%), CZ (83%) CRP (78%), CFZ (74%), CRO (65%).
Using the CFZ process, the carbon dioxide and other components are discharged as a high-pressure liquid stream for injection into underground storage or for use in reservoir management to enhance oil recovery.
Varios estudios han demostrado la concordancia entre la susceptibilidad de la CFZ en el metodo de Microscan[R] y los resultados con el doble disco de difusion (29).
With a capacity of 1000 panty shields or 500 sanitary napkins per minute, this machine features such options as three folding standard or easy-wrap, SAP application and CFZ layer.
For example, financial integration and the CFZ provide a ready-made market for international banks' local operations, and large credit facilities enhance the export capacity of the CFZ.