CGACConsejo General de Colegios de Agentes Comerciales de España (General Council of Business Agents' Associations of Spain)
CGACCommon Government-Wide Accounting Classification
CGACCanada Games Aquatic Centre
CGACCustoms General Administration of China
CGACCombined Generator Air Conditioner
CGACCertified Gambling Addictions Counselor
CGACCommunity Geospatial-Intelligence Analysis Course (US National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency)
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545 for PAC and CGAC respectively, while AT representing the equilibrium binding energy are 0.
272 mg/g as Langmuir adsorption capacity for PAC and CGAC respectively.
868 kJ/mol CGAC indicated chemical adsorption for both adsorption systems.
Langmuir and Temkin isotherms exhibited highest correlation coefficients, R 2 among other isotherms and depict homogeneity of the surface of PAC and CGAC as well as the monolayer adsorption nature of PNP onto the adsorbents.
Adsorption kinetics studies: The kinetic experimental data obtained for the adsorption of PNP on PAC and CGAC were interpreted by means of pseudo-first order, pseudo-second order, intra-particle diffusion and Elovich kinetic models.
30 mg/g) obtained from the linear plots of PAC and CGAC, respectively.
00066 g/mg/min for PAC and CGAC, respectively [39].
9902 mg/g min 1/2 indicated substantial diffusion of PNP onto PAC and CGAC active carbons.
2) The CGAC database covers all export transactions conducted by Chinese exporting firms.