CGAICentre de Gestion Agréé Interprofessionnel (French: Interprofessional Chartered Management Center)
CGAIConfederazione Generale dell'Agricoltura Italiana
CGAICooperazione in materia di Giustizia e Affari Interni (Italian: Cooperation in the fields of Justice and Home Affairs)
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During my four-day stay, I had the privilege of dining at the homes of both hosts with their families, friends, CGAI board members and the event's speakers.
CGAI sponsored a workshop attended by about 100 people, at which Smith made a presentation about condominium management principles and practices.
Chile: More than 300 people attended a fourth anniversary celebration luncheon hosted by IREM partner CGAI in Santiago.
Some minor but very significant changes in the law were spearheaded recently by the CGAI that will provide property managers with better tools to apply the regulations and assure better quality of life for property owners.
Tenders are invited for Pcc Hard Standing Of Grassy Area For Stowing And Maintenance Of Gse Equipmentsat Icgas Chennai Provision Of False Ceiling Electrical Lighting In Entire Premises Of Cgais Ch And Also Installation Of Ac In Technical Library And Calibration Cell A Cg Ae