CGBSCenter for Global Business Studies
CGBSCooperative Grain Boundary Sliding (chemistry)
CGBSCounty and Group Broadband Scheme (Ireland)
CGBSCentral Government Beacon Scheme
CGBSConcrete Gravity Base Substructures (oil drilling)
CGBSCooperative Group Buying Service
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Cyprus Popular Bank (CPB), which has a habit of giving out less information than the other two in its quarterly reporting, gives no data on its exposure to CGBs.
This work, undertaken predominantly by cutter hopper suction dredgers, will allow the CGBS to be floated out of the dock in preparation for tow out to their respective field locations.
Tow out of the LUN-A CGBS is set for June 1; tow out of the CGBS for the PA-B platform will follow on July 1.
Once the topsides arrive, they will be installed onto the pre-installed CGBS through a float-over technique.
For the glass-filled melts (uGB, cGB, and GF compounds), SEM analyses of the fracture surface obtained from the filament extruded at a [[gamma].
Among the glass beads filled melts only the cGB one was considered, as both sphere's diameter and coating are expected not to affect the material volumetric behavior.
The specific volume dependence on pressure measured at 168[degrees]C for HDPE, and cGB and OF compounds is in Fig.