CGCMCoupled General Circulation Model (climate simulations)
CGCMCertified Graphic Communications Manager
CGCMChinese Gospel Church of Massachusetts (est. 1982; Southborough, MA)
CGCMCanadian Global Climate Model
CGCMConsulting Group Capital Markets (investing)
CGCMGeneric Cutter Certification Matrix
CGCMCombination Generator Control Module
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Los resultados obtenidos muestran un marcado incremento en la actividad de esta enzima en el 80 por ciento de los pacientes con carcinoma gastrico, especialmente en los CGCM.
1969) se encontro que en 25 pacientes (70%) con CGCM, el porcentaje de ALP termoestable tiene un valor > 35 %, lo cual indica que la enfermedad hepatica esta presente en estos casos.
2] The CGCM I data analyzed consisted of two 200-year simulations (from 1900 to 2100).
The CGCM I results are approximately 1[degree]C warmer than the GCM II results for the 1 x [CO.
We next focus on how the CGCM representations of clouds, deep convection, oceanic eddy mixing, winds, and the model resolution contribute to perceived model SST biases.
Thus, equatorial SST biases ultimately appear solvable once individual CGCMs can acquire sufficient resolution in their individual atmosphere and ocean components to resolve the dynamics unique to the equator.
A typical solution is to bias correct the meteorological forecasts from the CGCMs and then drive advanced hydrologic models with refined initial land surface hydrologic conditions to produce seasonal hydrologic forecasts and extreme predictions (Wood et al.
2009) examined heat transport by ocean eddies away from the coast by using the High-Resolution Global Environmental Model (HiGEM), a CGCM with relatively high resolution in the global ocean (1/3[degrees] x 1/3[degrees]).
Teng, 2010: Two limits of initial-value decadal predictability in a CGCM.
However, relative to proxy reconstructions, unforced CGCMs tend to underestimate tropical multidecadal variability and may be too sensitive to external forcing (Ault et al.