CGDICanadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure
CGDICall Graph Drawing Interface (software)
CGDIChurch Growth Development International
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3]: CGDI does not positively affect the performance of selected Banks.
Table 2 shows the descriptive statistics for the total score and CGDI score for Group I Banks and Group II Banks.
On May 7, 2008, CGDI completed the acquisition of Taiyuan Rongan Business Trading Company, Limited ("TRBT"), a company incorporated under the laws of the People's Republic of China, pursuant to the Stock for Stock Equivalent Exchange Agreement and Plan (the "Exchange Agreement") among CGDI, TRBT, and each of the equity owners of TRBT ("TRBT Shareholders") entered into on November 12, 2007.
As TRBT Shareholders have become the majority shareholder of the consolidated entity comprising CGDI and TRBT, the acquisition has been accounted for as a reverse acquisition using the purchase method of accounting, where CGDI (the legal acquirer) is deemed to be the accounting acquiree and TRBT (the legal acquiree) to be the accounting acquirer.
In addition, CGDI expects to complete the acquisition of development rights to 3,000 square metric units of prime commercial land.
In order to develop the CGDI into an operational asset for decision-makers, such as emergency managers and disaster planners, GeoConnections undertook a process to better understand the needs of decision-makers in the public safety and security community.
Although spatial data infrastructures, such as the CGDI, attempt to reduce many barriers that inhibit information-sharing, such as restrictive data pricing and lack of common standards, limitations still exist.
The CGDI Interoperability Pilot video is available in English and French at http://www.
The main objective of the CGDI IP was to assess opportunities for improving the management and dissemination of geospatial data through open-standards-based technology.
OGC implementation specifications have been adopted as an integral part of the CGDI and as a result, GeoConnections/NRCan is now a key supporter of the OGC and Canadian firms are active leaders in the development and implementation of these important international specifications.