CGEOChief Gender Equality Officer (Thailand)
CGEOCanadian Group Earth Observations
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Two sections of CGEO dealt with the Ahmedia sect, one of which was a redundant repetition of a provision of the constitution of Pakistan, while the repeal of the other would have enabled the Ahmedia to end their decades long boycott of elections and be able to vote whilst registered on the general electoral rolls, without having to declare themselves as non-Muslims.
En los laboratorios del CGEO, los granos de circon fueron seleccionados cuidadosamente bajo un microscopio binocular, siendo montados en una cinta y posteriormente llevados a una probeta (un anillo plastico de 2,5 cm de diametro) que se rellena de resina epoxica (Struers Epofix), dejandose endurecer.
While CGEO congratulated the government for introducing the new legal framework and protect victims, especially minors, it said the drop was likely only on paper as traffickers always found new ways around the law.