CGERCenter for Global Environmental Research (Japan)
CGERCommission on Geosciences, Environment and Resources (US)
CGERCaisse Générale d'Epargne et de Retraite (Belgium)
CGERCombined Gross Enrollment Ratio (education measurement)
CGERConsultative Group on Exchange Rates
CGERCentre de Gestion des Équipement Roulants (DOT, Québec, Canada)
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Eyraud (2009), utiliza la valoracion de la distancia entre el TCR observado y el de equilibrio en Madagascar (ademas de otros indicadores), para tener una idea de la competitividad de este pais; usando las tres metodologias recomendadas por el CGER.
06/266 dated November 29, 2006, the CGER has revised the methodology for exchange rate assessment under Fund surveillance, and has suggested three methodologies that could be used along with country-specific information for assessing a country's exchange rate.
Patrick Florizoone, James Ensor: les bains a Ostende (Brussels, 1996); Galeries CGER, Histoire d'Eaux (Brussels, 1987); L.
Eurostat had already given its view on the question of dividends in a ruling issued in 1996, following privatisation transactions undertaken by the CGER financial holding company in Belgium.