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CGIARConsultative Group on International Agricultural Research
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The genetic collections under the CGIAR system are worth billions of dollars, and could be used as an innovative financial instrument for implementing biodiversity programs, Khor said.
Its science is carried out by 15 research centers who are members of the CGIAR Consortium in collaboration with hundreds of partner organizations.
A collaborative effort involving CGIAR and land-grant universities would bring together the expertise needed to accomplish this.
The program, African Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD), was established in 2008 by CGIAR and was launched following a successful three-year pilot program in East Africa with support from the Rockefeller Foundation from 2005-2008.
It also expands on the work done by the SAVE FOOD Network, as well as IFPRIs Policies, Institutions and Markets CGIAR research program, an initiative on food loss and waste under a larger portfolio of value chain studies.
The CGIAR was founded as an umbrella organization for the IARCs and consisted only of a loose cooperative agreement without legal identity, charter, formal requirements for membership, or central decision-making body.
CGIAR is the key international vehicle for creating high-yielding crops, supporting a network of 16 agricultural research centers in developing countries.
He was recognized with many awards during his career for his work in the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) as a founding member of CGIAR (Consultative Group of International Agricultural Research); in Mysore, India, he was recognized for his help to establish and to partially fund the FAO--IFTTC Training Program at the Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI), and for his work with numerous other international organizations".
Climate change endangers crop and livestock yields and the health of fisheries and forests at the very same time that surging populations worldwide are placing new demands on food production," said Bruce Campbell of the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS).
The CGIAR IARCs had a heavy "push" component with government funding for basic research.
In the future, other rat studies are planned with scientists at other CGIAR centers, including CIMMYT and IRRI.
Sidahmed has developed a strong record as Team Leader, Senior Consultant, Quality Enhancement and Assurance Reviewer and Task Manager for program design, evaluation and review missions by IFAD, FAO, EU, WB, CGIAR ,USAID and AU-IBAR.