CGIGComputer Graphics Interest Group (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
CGIGClinical Governance Implementation Group (UK National Health Service)
CGIGClinical Global Impression-Global Improvement
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Aristo is contractually entitled to retain the deposit payments received to date from CGIG, totalling e1/45 mln, in the form of liquidated damages for CGIG's breach of theagreement, and has reserved its right to pursue further legal action against CGIG.
In an announcement, Dolphin said: "Subsequent to the signing of the Venus Rock disposal agreement, CGIG has not met the contractually agreed payment deadlines for the project consideration, despite extensive renegotiations with Aristo to amend certain payment terms.
CGIG has made two non-refundable deposits to Aristo thus far, for a total of e1/45 million.
This amount remains pending due to the process of "getting the approval required under the Chinese foreign exchange control regulations", CGIG said.
Both IPLT and CGIG are affiliated with IPL International Inc.