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CGIMComputer Graphics and Interactive Media
CGIMComputers Graphics and Imaging (International Association of Science and Technology for Development)
CGIMCredit Guarantee and Investment Mechanism (Asian Development Bank; Philippines)
CGIMClosing the Gap on Infant Mortality (South Carolina)
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The perceived lack of effective complicated grief intervention programmes resulted in the following research objectives: (1) to explore existing literature and research on complicated grief and (2) to construct a CGIM.
The development of a CGIM has long been the interest of the authors.
The theoretical foundation of the CGIM is based on an eclectic and integrative approach.
The CGIM draws on intervention techniques from other approaches and theories such as the cognitive-behavioural, solution-focused and narrative theories.
The proposed CGIM (Diagram 1) was developed from this need and must be regarded as a flexible and adaptable programme.
The CGIM is specifically developed for complicated grief intervention.
The CGIM is set out in Diagram 1 and will be discussed in detail in the following paragraphs.
The CGIM consists of three steps: Assessment, intervention and evaluation/termination.
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The acquisition of CGIM will accelerate Capital's business plan to grow through acquisitions and additional management assignments," stated Lawrence A.