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CGLCarrier Grade Linux
CGLConfédération Générale du Logement (French: General Confederation of Housing)
CGLCompagnie Générale de Location (French: General Rental Company)
CGLConditions Générales de Location (French: General Rental Conditions)
CGLCertified Genealogical Lecturer
CGLCongenital Generalized Lipodystrophy
CGLCercle Généalogique de Languedoc (French: Languedoc Genealogy Circle; Languedoc, France)
CGLCommand Guard List
CGLCentre de Gestion de Lorraine (French: Lorraine Management Center; Nancy, Lorraine, France)
CGLCurrent Goal List
CGLConcert Group Logistics LLC (Downers Grove, Illinois)
CGLCryptix General License
CGLChristian Gays and Lesbians Association
CGLCharleston Gas Light (Charleston Gas Light)
CGLChild Graddon Lewis Architects
CGLCrompton Greaves, Ltd. (India)
CGLClinical Governance Lead (health authorities; UK)
CGLComputer Graphics Laboratory
CGLCommercial General Liability
CGLComprehensive General Liability (insurance)
CGLChronic Granulocytic Leukemia
CGLContinuous Galvanizing Line
CGLCatalyst Game Labs (est. 2007; InMediaRes Productions)
CglCorynebacterium Glutamicum
CGLCore OpenGL
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In addition, the two dissenting Justices enthusiastically embraced what might be regarded as the strong CGL insurer position against coverage, a factor that provides some solace for insurers and a potential source of citation and argumentation.
The owner of the office tower sued the contractor, who purchased CGL insurance.
2d 1213 (1998)), the Supreme Court held that despite the intertwinement of a "poor training and supervision of the driver-employee" claim and a "negligent driving by the employee" claim, the CGL policy covered accidentally inflicted injury stemming from the type of policyholder mismanagement alleged by Crist against Hunan.
And, in those circumstances, the CGL policy again would not apply because criminal acts are excluded from coverage.
The ISO, in 1984, did change the CGL policy forms to " claim-based" and made two other changes the U.
Although most CGL and first-party property policies do not explicitly identify coverage for environmental claims, the broad language they use has been interpreted to provide policyholders with environmental claims coverage.
In many instances, the environmental and toxic tort claims advanced against CGL policyholders threaten them with liability based on those legal theories and, consequently, are within personal injury coverage.
Establishing Coverage Under Other Than CGL Policies and Special Provisions of CGL Policies
The completion of the purchase of the CGL Note and the CGL Sale Shares is also subject to certain closing conditions, including the Golden Meditech shareholder approval and CGL shareholder approval.
THE ARKANSAS SUPREME Court has held that faulty workmanship is not covered under most commercial general liability, or CGL, policies.
Lin purchased the bond from a surety company and obtained quotes for CGL insurance from two insurance agencies--Metro Allied Insurance through its agent Michael McGlothlin (collectively, Metro), and Elbert Insurance.
The CGL features an adjustable 635nm red laser, which can be switched to pulse or constant beam.