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CGLCarrier Grade Linux
CGLConfédération Générale du Logement (French: General Confederation of Housing)
CGLCompagnie Générale de Location (French: General Rental Company)
CGLConditions Générales de Location (French: General Rental Conditions)
CGLCertified Genealogical Lecturer
CGLCongenital Generalized Lipodystrophy
CGLCercle Généalogique de Languedoc (French: Languedoc Genealogy Circle; Languedoc, France)
CGLCommand Guard List
CGLCentre de Gestion de Lorraine (French: Lorraine Management Center; Nancy, Lorraine, France)
CGLCurrent Goal List
CGLConcert Group Logistics LLC (Downers Grove, Illinois)
CGLCryptix General License
CGLChristian Gays and Lesbians Association
CGLCharleston Gas Light (Charleston Gas Light)
CGLChild Graddon Lewis Architects
CGLCrompton Greaves, Ltd. (India)
CGLClinical Governance Lead (health authorities; UK)
CGLComputer Graphics Laboratory
CGLCommercial General Liability
CGLComprehensive General Liability (insurance)
CGLChronic Granulocytic Leukemia
CGLContinuous Galvanizing Line
CGLCatalyst Game Labs (est. 2007; InMediaRes Productions)
CglCorynebacterium Glutamicum
CGLCore OpenGL
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Mr Saunders says he was unable to gain re-entry to the office until the end of last month because CGL had not sent him the alarm codes but, when he did, was astonished to find confidential post still arriving about CGL's clients.
The CGL policy is generally written on an occurrence basis, although a standard claims-made form has been available since 1986.
IIAA and ISO disagree on whether the current, unrevised CGL policy covers defense costs in addition to tort liability coverage--bodily injury or property damage--as part of the policy's pass-through mechanism, Katten said.
As an example, if the insurer is going to provide liability coverage for an additional insured through an endorsement to a CGL form, the insurer must also live up to the duty to defend.
Because most CGL forms exclude coverage for liability arising from the rendition of professional services, architects and other design professionals, accountants, engineers, healthcare providers, attorneys, technology vendors, investment brokers and others who provide technical or specialized services benefit from building an insurance program that includes E&O coverage.
CGL coverage for a data breach was denied in a 2014 Washington case on different grounds.
CGL, a subsidiary of US real estate operator Hunt Companies Inc, will acquire for MXN1.
Read the "separation of insureds" conditions of the CGL policy.
Abu Bucker Husain, CEO, AGIS, said: "Although this new CGL was part of our original business plan, it has taken us longer than expected to place the order as we wanted to cover the optimal technical requirements of the market in a cost effective way.
A basic CGL policy covers four categories of issues for which a business owner could be held responsible: bodily injury; damage to others' property; personal injury, including slander and libel; and false or misleading advertising.
The new law states that CGL policies sold in Arkansas shall contain a definition of "occurrence" that includes accidents and also "property damage or bodily injury resulting from faulty workmanship.
If that exclusionary wording was considered too broad, a "buy-back" of much of the real property excluded under "c,c,c" was available as "broad form property damage," one of the multiple liability coverage modifications included within the old broad form CGL endorsement.