CGMTChief General Manager Telecom
CGMTCold Gas Micro-Thruster
CGMTCogniGenix Machine Translation (software)
CGMTCentre for Graphics and Media Technology Ltd
CGMTConcise Guide to the Mishnah and the Tosefta
CGMTCarter Goddard Malrieu Trinquier (model)
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CGMT expects its profitability to sustain and its revenue to grow steadily in the future, based on the increase in orders and improvements on the marketing strategy in China mainland and gradual maturity of the management team.
These figures may not relieve investors' concerns over the relatively poor performance of some listed companies, but the data from CGMT should not be taken badly, but is seen as a positive signal: the environment-friendly fast- growing industry that CGMT engages in is different from traditional industry, which is anticipated by many to act as an impetus to economic recovery.
CGMT is bound to be the representative in the green industry to reverse the global economic situation and lead the wave of the new economy.
The strong low-temperature-resistant performance (40 degree Celsius below zero) of CGMT products can guarantee the company its position of the only environmental protection package supplier in Chinese quick-frozen market for a long time.
The injection molding products with 80% starch content developed by CGMT Scientific Research Center came out.
Because of the management's great foresight and the great efforts of the research team, CGMT is able to harvest such achievements.
CGMT has established an institute of brand-new fully degradable material, with Mr.