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CGSBCanadian General Standards Board
CGSBCoordinadora Guerrillera Simon Bolivar (Spanish: Simon Bolivar Guerrilla Coordinator; Colombia)
CGSBCommunity Guaranty Savings Bank (New Hampshire)
CGSBCanadian Government Specifications Board
CGSBChatham Grammar School for Boys (Chatham, Kent, UK)
CGSBCanadian Geomatics Source Book
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In Lula I, within the component management and organization, the CGSB was created with a mandate to develop technical and regulatory instruments to guide the development of oral health care actions and policy directives of the PNSB2 built around four core actions: expansion of ESBs and training and development; creation of CEOs; fluoridation of public water supplies; and oral health surveillance (monitoring of performance against indicators).
The 2014/2015 Ottawa E85 samples would provide a margin of safety of about 5 degrees relative to the CGSB 10th percentile temperature data for the Ottawa geographic region.
The CGSB specifies that a sealant fails if either face has a percentage de-bond area of more than 31%.
The idea that CGSB had to become an attractive magnet facility led Goody Clancy to be aggressive in these efforts, to point where Goldstein says the budget had to be re-examined.
The work of re-examining the requirements, including internal and external consultations, was undertaken by the CGSB in close collaboration with admissions officials from all the regulatory bodies.
De ahi que la ANC fuera ante todo un espacio tactico para la CGSB, en la medida en que era el escenario obligatorio para ventilar algunos debates (12) y mostrarse ante la opinion publica, pero no para dejar las armas.
28) La CGSB desaparecio en el periodo presidencial de Ernesto Samper, basicamente su ruptura se debio a las multiples diferencias ideologicas.
In the early 1990s, President Barco's attempts at negotiations with the FARC, ELN, and smaller CGSB groups floundered because, according to some analysts, the FARC and ELN leadership continued to believe that a military victory was possible.
Last December, the fifth draft of the standard was voted on by members of the CGSB Standards Committee on Organic Agriculture.
United States BIFMA standards and Canadian CGSB and other standards;
After legal challenge, pertaining to restrictions on commerce, this Act was rescinded, thus reverting to the CGSB voluntary MMT limit of 18 mg Mn/L in Canadian gasoline.