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CGSBCanadian General Standards Board
CGSBCoordinadora Guerrillera Simon Bolivar (Spanish: Simon Bolivar Guerrilla Coordinator; Colombia)
CGSBCommunity Guaranty Savings Bank (New Hampshire)
CGSBCanadian Government Specifications Board
CGSBChatham Grammar School for Boys (Chatham, Kent, UK)
CGSBCanadian Geomatics Source Book
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The CGSB specifies that a sealant fails if either face has a percentage de-bond area of more than 31%.
The work of re-examining the requirements, including internal and external consultations, was undertaken by the CGSB in close collaboration with admissions officials from all the regulatory bodies.
Geoscientists Canada uses the survey results to assist the CGSB in its advisory work on geoscience knowledge and experience requirement for registration, and to determine differences in the nature of geoscience practice across Canada.
With both voting and non voting members, the CGSB ensures that the committee membership is reasonably balanced so that no single category represented dominates the standard.
Headed by Vigi Gurushanta, chair of the e-evidence standard and CGSB Standards Committee, the committee made several necessary decisions in order to define what the new standard would and would not cover.
Many of the definitions used by the CGSB are taken from texts/terms approved by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
RTC technicians are multi-disciplined and certified to a CGSB Level II, with additional in-house training and field training to understand the rigid requirements for proper identification of SCC colonies and corrosion products.
This work is now complete and CGSB will make the new standard, entitled the Research Ethics Oversight of Biomedical Clinical Trials, available to users by the end of May.
Airtightness test results were calculated by the data analysis software using CGSB Standard 149.
Construction membranes must meet stringent physical, chemical and environmental requirements specified by ASTM, CGSB boards, building and other regulatory authorities.
Prior to joining CGSB, he was assistant vice president of Plymouth Guaranty Savings Bank.
Prior to joining the faculty of the CGSB in 2002, Meadow was a general partner with Sprout Group, the venture capital affiliate of CGSB.