CGSSCommand and General Staff School
CGSSConsultative Group on Strategic Security
CGSSCedar Girls' Secondary School (Singapore)
CGSSComparison Group Selection Service
CGSSCaisses Générales de la Sécurité Sociale (French: General Social Security Fund)
CGSSCryogenic Gas Storage Subsystem (NASA)
CGSSContraception, Gynecology, and Sexuality Services (Ithaca, NY)
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DLIFLC continues to develop options for CGSS students (as well as faculty) to maintain and improve their existing capabilities, whether through advanced level resident instruction in the above-mentioned languages or through web-based and distance learning means such as the Global Language Online Support System (GLOSS) learning objects and the Broadband Language Training System (BLTS) for other languages which are not offered in residence.
Students with existing proficiency in a language not taught in CGSS may be able to earn elective credit for directed study via distance learning, using DLIFLC instructors located in Monterey, California, or elsewhere.
CGSS services include training, technical support, customer care, sales engineering, and documentation services to Callware's global partners and customers.
As provided in the Joint Declaration, the CGSS will be chaired by the two countries' Foreign and Defense Ministers.
The contract is for the execution of local cleaning services, the provision, installation and maintenance of sanitation and supply of consumables and periodic cleaning of the glazing headquarters and premises under responsibility for CGSS of Martinique.
Vegetation Elevation Community Abbreviation Slope (%) (m) Mesquite/black MBGF 0-5 1,320-1,415 grama flat Catclaw/ CPBD 0-8 1,320-1,415 persimmon/ black grama draw Catclaw/ CWF 0-3 1,320-1,415 whitebrush flat Catclaw/ CPOB 8-16 1,415-1,705 persimmon/ oak bottom Catclaw/ CGBS 3-16 1,320-1,415 goldeneye/ black grama slope Catclaw/ CWSS 16-30 1,415-1,705 whitebrush/ sideoats slope Adolphia/ AWSS 16-30 1,415-1,512 whitebrush/ sideoats slope Catclaw/ CGSS [greater than or equal to] 16 1,512-1,705 goldeneye/ sideoats slope Scrub oak/ SOASS [greater than or equal to] 16 1,415-1,801 adolphia/ sideoats slope Mountain MLSS [greater than or equal to] 16 1,512-1,705 laurel/ sideoats slope Table 2.
The bottom line is that the MCBL is helping reduce the acquisition timelines for valuable capabilities and technologies through its close working relationships with S&T and acquisition organizations, as well as the Army's CGSS for input and warfighter feedback.
The CGSS currently has four international faculty members--one each from Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada--and SAMS has one from Germany.