CH-46Transport helicopter used by the Marines and Navy; aka Sea Knight
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Requiring about 60 percent more space than the CH-46 and with no vertical replenishment capability, the Osprey initially appeared to present more problems than solutions.
Four Marine CH-46 helicopters were flying to Baguio city, which along with nearby provinces was devastated by storm-triggered mudslides that have blocked three key access roads to the area, isolating the upland region.
The aircraft was easier to maintain than the CH-46 helicopters it replaced.
Zach Versteegh, both assigned to HMM-265, perform maintenance checks on a CH-46 Sea Knight helicopter in the hangar bay of the forward-deployed amphibious assault ship USS Essex (LHD-2).
3, 2006, at Haditha Dam, Iraq, Air Force Office of Special Investigations Special Agent Jim Collins witnessed a Marine CH-46 Sea Knight crash into the chilling, 50-degree, 300' deep, cholera-filled water of Lake Quadisiya.
Opponents have often cited the relative ease of replacing the CH-46 with a newer helicopter.
The Marine CH-46 helicopter went down northwest of Baghdad, killing all seven people on board,.
The most recent crash occurred Wednesday when a CH-46 Sea Knight went down north-west of Baghdad, killing seven people.
Manuel Ruiz, of Federalsburg, was two weeks into his second tour of duty when the CH-46 Sea Knight helicopter he was riding in crashed, killing six other persons onboard.
A senior US defence official said the CH-46 helicopter did not appear to have been hit by hostile fire, although an Iraqi air force officer said it was downed by an anti-aircraft missile and an al Qaida-linked Sunni group claimed responsibility for the crash.
Aircraft: Launch or land two CH53E Super Stallion helicopters or two MV-22 Osprey tilt rotor aircraft or up to four CH-46 Sea Knight helicopters, AH-1 or UH-1 helicopters.