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CHABADChochmah Binah Daat (Jewish outreach organization.)
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4 /PRNewswire/ -- Working closely with Chabad, Mouli Cohen continues his work supporting important Jewish projects throughout the world.
Green said she has heard from mothers who feel the need for more religious education, since Chabad of Westboro's Hebrew School only goes from kindergarten to eighth grade.
2 at Chabad of the Santa Clarita Valley, 23120 Lyons Ave.
You don't need a ticket to come worship with us," said Rabbi Meir Chai Benhiyoun, Chabad director.
JLI, the adult education branch of Chabad Lubavitch, offers programs in more than 600 U.
The word Chabad is the acronym for three Hebrew words chachmah (wisdom), binah (understanding) and da'at (knowledge), which is key to the Chabad-Lubavitch philosophy, Mrs.
The Chabad Telethon is not only another significant media event for the Muscle Flex but it's a great way to give a little back early in the early growth cycle of the Muscle Flex," replied Danny Alex, CEO of CelebDirect.
As Rabbi Sholom Duchman, the director of Colel Chabad explains, the main figure of a bar mitzva is usually the father, thus these boys would have been embarrassed to have had had their bar mitzva at the synagogue without one.
Goldberg, pilates and exercise expert Michelle Cerandos and spiritual and inspirational leader and program founder Rabbi Chaim Mentz of Chabad of Bel Air.
27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Chabad of Stamford is encouraging those who live in the Stamford, Connecticut area to attend its services for Rosh Hashanah 2013.
4th and 5th Chabad will host the 8th Annual Rosh Hashana Dinners - and as the community dips the apples into the honey wishing a sweet year to friends and family, a very special mention will be made to our beekeepers friends to keep the sweetness flowing
CDATA[ A Muslim man attacked a Chabad rabbi Saturday night during the annual public Chanukah menorah-lighting ceremony in Vienna, Austria.