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CHaDChildren's Hospital at Dartmouth (Lebanon, NH)
CHADConflict and Humanitarian Affairs Department (UK Department for International Development)
CHADCome Have a Drink (business networking event; Minnesota)
CHADCard Hole Aggregate Debris (doubtful definition, this is probably urban legend; origin was likely related to the inventor's name, Chadless, of an early keypunch machine)
CHaDCharter High School of Architecture and Design (Philadelphia, PA)
CHADCharming Hero Avoids Destruction (Kids Next Door show)
CHADCommunity Health Access Department
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A spokeswoman for the North East Strategic Health Authority (SHA) said: "The SHA is pleased that an out-ofcourt settlement has been reached with Chad and his family relating to events surrounding his birth in 1990.
She took up the sport at the same time as Chad and they train together at the Mavericks club in Sowerby Bridge.
Deby also suspended three government officials who negotiated the deals that allowed the companies into Chad.
Some of the songs Rachel used to sing that were easier for Chad to sing, he picked up.
A native of Dallas, Texas, Chad graduated from nearby Southern Methodist University with a B.
Caritas Secretary-General Duncan MacLeod recently visited the camps in Chad and said the conditions are deteriorating rapidly, with some refugees resorting to eating the leaves off trees.
The project is expected to generate substantial revenues for Chad, and the government is committed to using its oil revenues for poverty reduction in accordance with a December 1998 law on revenue management passed by the country's parliament.
In May of 1997, Chad came home from college for summer vacation.
For those of you who haven't seen Charlie's Angels, The Chad is Drew Barrymore's erstwhile boyfriend, a scrawny boat owner who gets up early and cheerfully makes her pancakes for breakfast, only to have her dash away to meet up with the other angels for some daring mission.
Chad Davis jumped out of the brown station wagon as soon as it stopped.