CHAGSConference on Hunting and Gathering Societies
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This edited volume, which compiles a rich selection of papers presented at the sixth international conference on hunting and gathering societies (abbreviated CHAGS 6) which took place in May 1991 in Fairbanks, Alaska, represents a significant addition to the now well established field of hunter-gatherer studies Sharing the co-editors' research interests (both Ernest Burch and Linda Ellanna are Inuit specialists), most contributors discuss Northern hunters, gatherers and fishermen.
topological' is not 'topographical', an error several authors, including Watson, reproduce in their bibliographies when quoting an article I published after the 1988 CHAGS conference (Glowczewski 1989).
My first trip to Australia was in 1988, when both the CHAGS hunter-gatherer meeting and the inaugural Australian Rock-art Congress were held at Darwin.