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CHAIDChi-Squared Automatic Interaction Detector (market segmentation technique)
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The second aim of the survey was to determine the best accuracy one among some data mining algorithms (CART, CHAID, Exhaustive CHAID and MARS) and artificial neural network algorithm (MLP) in predictive ability.
Additionally, the CHAID methodology employs the algorithm proposed by Kass (1980), the nodal splitting criteria is set to a minimum value of 100 records in a parent branch and a minimum of 50 records in a child branch; and, the maximum tree depth is set to 15 branches.
The most important variables for the estimation of lamb mortality in the CHAID and logistic regression models were month of birth and lamb breed.
3] Nonstandard abbreviations: MI, myocardial infarction; GRACE, Global Registry for Acute Coronary Events; STEMI, ST-elevated myocardial infarction; PENK, proenkephalin; MR-proADM, midregional pro-adrenomedullin; pro-SP, pro-substance P; TMAO, trimethylamine W-oxide; eGFR, estimated glomerular filtration rate; ,death/MI, composite of all-cause mortality or reinfarction; NT-proBNP, N-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide; BP, blood pressure; AUC, area under the curve; CHAID, [chi square] automatic interaction detection; HR, hazard ratio; NRI, net reclassification index; ACE/ARB, angiotensin-converting enzyme/angiotensin receptor blocker.
The results of the CHAID analysis are presented in Figure 1.
The CHAID algorithm generated a classification tree with two defining characteristics: "Choose daily routine without exercise" and "Does not perform the physical activity during leisure" of the nursing diagnosis Sedentary Lifestyle, as illustrated in Figure 1.
Kurt, "Using Kaplan-Meier analysis together with decision tree methods (C&RT, CHAID, QUEST, C4.
0, la prueba de contraste mediante ANOVA y para el analisis de segmentacion se utilizo el metodo de crecimiento CHAID para identificar el nivel de satisfaccion de los mentores con respecto a su formacion y capacidad para ejercer su funcion de mentor.
A precursor to current tree methodology was CHAID, developed by Morgan and Sonquist (1963) (2) Breiman et al.
TABLA I RESUMEN DE MODELO DEL ARBOL DE CLASIFICACION DE ACCESO PRODUCCION ACADEMICA * Metodo de CHAID crecimiento Especificaciones Variable dependiente Acceso Variables Tipo de publicacion, independientes ano de publicacion, lugar de publicacion, arbitrada, medio de difusion, indizada, idioma Validacion Ninguna Maxima profundidad 3 de arbol Minimo de casos en 100 un nodo filial Minimo de casos en 50 un nodo parental Resultados Variables Tipo de publicacion, independientes medio de difusion, incluidas lugar de publicacion, ano de publicacion Numero de nodos 15 Numero de nodos 9 terminales Profundidad 3 * Esta Tabla la genera el programa SPSS.
Para el analisis multivariado y el establecimiento de puntos de corte entre los grupos experimental y de control se empleo el analisis de segmentacion CHAID (Chi-squared Automatic Interaction Detection).
5 Measure used to Gini index; Twoing Entropy info-gain select input variable criteria Pruning Pre-pruning using Pre-pruning using a single-pass a single-pass algorithm algorithm Dependent variable Categorical/ Categorical/ Continuous Continuous Input variables Categorical/ Categorical/ Continuous Continuous Split at each node Binary; Split on Multiple linear combinations Methods CHAID QUEST Measure used to Chi-square Chi/square for select input variable categorical variables; J/way ANOVA for continuous/ordinal variables Pruning Pre-pruning using Post-pruning Chi-square test for independence Dependent variable Categorical Categorical Input variables Categorical/ Categorical/ Continuous Continuous Split at each node Multiple Binary; Split on linear combinations